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I am gonna shoot from the hip on this one, so please excuse any spelling and grammar issues. Not to totally quote Yoda, but you either do or you do not. Whatever it is you want to do, DO IT! Sitting around bitching and moaning does no one any good. In fact it makes you weaker. Strong people are that way because they picked themselves back up. Strong people continue moving forward even when the current is against them.

Over a year ago John and I were talking about the projects we were working on. We both had these “internet identities” that we did not want to lose while we wanted to push forward in our joint projects. Fire Training Toolbox was born from that concept. How do you compile work from established and not-so-established people so that it helps everyone. We hope that is how you see Fire Training Toolbox, we do.

Thank you to the 12, 00o Facebook Fans, the 3, 000 Twitter followers and the countless users of the main website, which is the heart and soul of this project. Thank you to the people who have contributed, without you Fire Training Toolbox would not be as diverse. John and I will continue to move this project forward regardless of how many hits, likes, tweets, shares, and follows we get. We are grateful for those we have come on the ride with us, as it just makes it more enjoyable.

To those who have considered writing or sharing something with us, DO IT! You know how I started back in 2006 with a website? A little pissed off attitude, some html design skills and the desire to say something. The small town department where I started my fire service career didn’t train enough, didn’t have the passion I had, so I didn’t let them bring me down. I really didn’t have anything to say that was different than anyone else. What it did was forge a path to like minded people so I didn’t feel so alone, it validated what I felt. Is that you, feeling like you are the only who cares and feel restrained to do anything about it?

We do not care if you have 30 years on the job or 30 minutes, if you have something POSITIVE to contribute to the fire service let us know! The senior Chief may have some words of wisdom to share, or the probie has a new perspective on what we do. Maybe you are afraid to write for the big magazines because you couldn’t take the rejection. Maybe you need to hone your skills before you become the next big thing. We can be your stepping stone. Know this, the most well known and respected Training Officer in the world, who wrote the book on Fire Service Instructors has a reference page in the back of that book and list websites like UL, B-Shifter, USFA, NIST and FIRE TRAINING TOOLBOX as TRAINING RESOURCES. We did not make that happen, all of YOU did.

Maybe you have something to say, or a new tactic to share that goes against the grain of popular belief…….maybe what you write for us today, will change the fire service forever, tomorrow.

Send your submissions to us at

Thanks for everything, we will see you on the training ground, see you on the fire ground and STAY SAFE! – Chris Huston

About Chris Huston

Chris Huston is a Training Officer, Firefighter and EMT for several types of organizations. Chris is co-founder of Fire Training Toolbox and is founder of Engine Company 22 ( Chris has been writing about the fire service since 2006 when he started
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