Where we are now

The fire service has a very strong tradition. One of which I’m very proud to say I’ve been a part of for almost 15 years. The fire service in general has changed much in my time in service. It is a softer fire dept now gone are the days of hazing the new guy along with settling with no certification. I’ve always been a proponent of experience over book smarts Shawn Paulsonbut that has changed some now I believe that knowledge with experience is the key to a great fireman.

The department I am currently employed by is by far not the best department but they are honestly trying. And I’m proud of where I work I have departmental,shift,and station pride. My shift paramedic said it perfectly today you can be the problem or you can be a solution. These words are strong and even piss some people off but maybe that’s what is needed. The guys I work with are a strange bunch but they are my brothers these are men I’m very proud to serve with and if the need arises I will stand and fight and even die to protect them so before you make fun of my brothers remember you may stand alone but we never do….FTM-PTB…

By Shawn Paulson

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