We have came a long ways but still more to do!

Spent two days with the national fallen firefighters foundation discussing the 16 life safety initiatives and the next summit in Tampa in 2014. The fire service should be proud of that accomplishment BUT there is still so much to do. New risks to firefighters from building construction. Additional risk due to limited staffing inadequate resources outdated apparatus and old way of thinking about strategy and tactics of structural firefighting. We have come along way in nine years we have a long way to go to reduce near misses close calls and line of duty deaths. What are you going to do to reduce your risk  your brothers risk, your sisters, risk your companies risk and your departments risk. We should examine our traditions and make sure they are necessary traditions to carry forward into the future. What kind of problem analysis training have you taken in the last two years or even the last six months? Is the problem new? is the situation new, but your situational analysis process is the same? Fire burns differently today than it did five years ago, 10 years ago and especially 20 years ago.  Are your situational analysis techniques current? Make sure the strategy you select after your situational analysis matches the problem with adequate staffing adequate resources and more than adequate water supply. If staffing, resources or water are inadequate change your strategy, use different tactics. The application of water from the exterior may be the most appropriate tactical implementation plan you have if staffing is inadequate resources are inadequate or water supplies are inadequate. You must do something but it does not always have to be from the interior position. Make a rational not emotional decision based upon your thorough analysis of the situation selecting the appropriate strategy and utilizing the most appropriate tactics for the current situation.

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  1. Joe Starnes says:

    As always thank you for your leadership and passion for the service. As you know about me, I am a pain when it comes to the service “stepping up” as it relates to “listening to the data”.

    We need to change our words, it is not about staffing or to pick any other reason like being a yard breather. It is science. Our PPE will not protect us from flashover event. We have the tools to stop, prevent and or defend against most flashover events.

    We know much more than we applying. A principle of law is that if we know better and don’t, we call it negligence. When I was a child, this principle for my father was named “trouble” for me.

    I read everyday comments and instructions from fire service leaders that read as if they have lived in a vacuum for the last 20 years. Large systems are more difficult to change than small ones (number of variables). But get started!

    This is a matter of courage for Leadership.

    Thank you for your leadership for the safety of the fire service.

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