Vehicle fire extinguished with CAFS

Firefighters are an interesting bunch, to say the least. It always is interesting how we debate the topics. This platform is just that. A means to have serious, honest discussion and go point for point, pro for con. Many out there are either 100% for or 100% against Compressed Air Foam. More times than not we need a middle ground on any tactic, tool, method or suppression agent.

Here is a new video of a vehicle fire being extinguished with CAFS. Check it out and stay open minded as it is all in the name of service.

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2 Responses to Vehicle fire extinguished with CAFS

  1. Firefighter Stephen Allen says:

    Here in Goochland, VA we run a complete 6 engine department with complete CAFS. Since we are a combination department ad going through growing pains it was an added benifit when we bought all 6 matching fleet Pierce Dash’s with 750 gallons on board and a 30 gallon Class A foam cell. The assistance of useing less water gives us more effectivness until the second in units or tankers can arrive. This combined with the lighter hoses and lower pressures save the pump and the energy of the manpower. This allows us to provide better service tot he citizens.

    • FireTrainingToolbox says:

      Thanks for your reply. Less water equals less water damage and less need for additional resources for water supply. Your exactly right, we should be looking at being the most effective we can on the fire ground as well as saving the taxpayers money while doing it. Great feedback, let’s keep this conversation going!

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