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Growing Pains

Remember that show from the 80′s that some of you loved and some of you never heard of? Ok, I’m not really talking about the TV show; I am talking about fire service and more or less you as a … Continue reading

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The best firefighter survival; doing it right!

This is from Lt. Jay Fainer. Jay has contributed to Fire Training Toolbox and runs the Facebook group TRUCK-FLOOR-TRAINING. I tend to get on my soap box a lot. I get on it to preach fire fighter safety and survival … Continue reading

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Wild Land & Urban Interface Fire with Helmet Cam

For those of you who follow our Facebook page. You already know that this week theme for Words of the Day is about Wildland & Urban Interface fires. So this drill day post will go right along with this week … Continue reading

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Tactical Ventilation-Its not how to cut a hole…

Just over a year ago, John and I started this website as an outlet for everything fire training and education. We simply wanted to provide free, relevant and quality training tools for both the student and instructor alike. This vision … Continue reading

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